Everyone who knows me well knows how much I dread homework time here in Dubai. They give kids a truck load of homework, and especially more so when there is a school inspection coming up (which isn’t a total surprise because the school gets told when the secret inspection is going to occur. Go figure.)

And now that my little girl is in Grade 1, it seems like my homework schedule has quadrupled and I almost cried. Excpet I couldn’t fully cry because I maintain a “we love homework” policy in my household. *sigh*

So today, these were things that crossed my mind (in THIS EXACT order).

1.  What the hell? CURSIVE WRITING??? WHO NEEDS that these days? (My son is being tested on his cursive skills. He’s crap at it)

2. I really need another trip to ikea. I think I need a coat stand.

3. I’m so hungry but if I get something to eat, these monkeys will want something too and then we’re doomed.

4. Learning about Tsunamis is so 2014. In my day it was all about dinosaurs.

5. I wish I could read David and Goliath while sitting here.

6. I am soooo hungry.

7. 55 minutes to go.

8. Nope, darling girl, I do NOT want to read you that book.

9. I had so much trouble with curving ‘s’ when I was in school. Hope he doesn’t cos then we are both stuffed.

10. GO Ben Affleck!

11. I wish some countries stopped invading other countries.

12. I really need to clean my nails.

13. And my house.

14. And my car.

15. I really want to see Gone Girl.

16. Why must the world have so many wars happening?!

17. I am so hungry, I think my stomach has now become concave in shape.

18. I wonder if both kids would notice if I just dozed off to sleep.

19. 50 minutes to go. woo!

20. I wish I was a poet. I could be so romantic and passionate too. Poet’s rock.

21. I really need to eat.

22. Why the hell do they always draw lollies when adding 2 groups of something. LOLLIES? We try to ban kids from lollies. Yet they have them on every worksheet.

23. Yes it is so stupid that you have to write the Oxford Dictionary meaning of the 15 spelling words you have.

24. I think I need to move back home.

25. I wish she would just hurry up and finish colouring in. So. Much. Patience. I. Am. Using. Scared I have nothing left.

26. Yay. Nearly over.

27. Done. That wasn’t so bad. (Ever the optimist)

— Till next time

be happy

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