I was nearly 4 when I arrived to Australia. My parents fled war torn Lebanon during the civil war. Both of my parents had respectable jobs, a nice home and a lot of family. Basically, they had everything except a safe environment to raise their 5 children.

In 1987, we arrived in Melbourne, Australia without knowing a single decent word of English.

We did not arrive on a boat and we did not come to Australia to abuse the “dole” system. My parents (like many others) worked hard and tried their best to adjust to this new, foreign country.

I did not appreciate what these feelings might have been until about 3 months ago,  when my husband and I uprooted my 3 children and came to live in Dubai.

Of course I have so so so much more advantages than what my parents did, needless to say I can speak the 2 main languages here in Dubai. BUT it is still that feeling of nervousness, anxiousness, wonder, excitement and worry all rolled into one that I can empathise with.

It hasn’t been a HARD journey, but I can say that sometimes it is a struggle to adapt to this new way of life, so big pat on the back to anyone who knows or who has done so themselves.

Moving Countries need to be documented, and I plan to do so.


Till next time, be good.

Melbourne view from my home in Australia.
Australia, how I miss the
tranquility of my quiet street
in the suburbs

My new “front yard” in Dubai.