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Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike playdates?

Don’t get me wrong – I love play and dates (the food and the adjective) as 2 separate words, but I do not have any appreciation for the hipster term “playdate”. Since when is it cool to set up an organised date for 2 kids or more to….. PLAY.

Everyone who knows me well knows how much I dread homework time here in Dubai. They give kids a truck load of homework, and especially more so when there is a school inspection coming up (which isn’t a total surprise because the school gets told when the secret inspection is going to occur. Go figure.)

And now that my little girl is in Grade 1, it seems like my homework schedule has quadrupled and I almost cried. Excpet I couldn’t fully cry because I maintain a “we love homework” policy in my household. *sigh*

So today, these were things that crossed my mind (in THIS EXACT order).


looks nasty right?

Even the term sounds ugly – Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

And every time I hear those 2 words I get a shiver down my spine. It makes me feel as if my life can be split into 2 categories – with and without it.

Recently, the gorgeously immaculate Duchess Catherine has hit headlines with her recent pregnancy and (again) suffering from it. So what is IT?

I’m not going to get scientific on you, so I’ll go through some brief facts that happened to me while enduring this crippling illness.

#1 HG is NOT (NOT  NOT NOT NOT) MORNING SICKNESS. Don’t even compare the 2, because it will send the HG sufferer into a series of guilt attacks (“Maybe I’m imaging this pain/nausea/the need to cut off the part of my brain that control nausea” *sad face*)


I lost another friend today.

It happened quite quickly, but it normally happens like that. My friend and her family packed up their bags and headed back home on Sunday and I was crushed.

There is something so grieving about living in the most transitional country in the universe (not a true statistic but it feels that way). The news of her leaving also happened as quickly. The week before she left, this was our conversation