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Have I ever mentioned how much I dislike playdates?

Don’t get me wrong – I love play and dates (the food and the adjective) as 2 separate words, but I do not have any appreciation for the hipster term “playdate”. Since when is it cool to set up an organised date for 2 kids or more to….. PLAY.

Mind you, more often than not, Ms 6 or Mr 9 will just put me on the spot IN FRONT OF THE ACTUAL KID AND PARENT and say something along the lines of “Mummmm, this is JIMMY/KATY. Can they come to our house pleeeeeease?” and I will be all hipster-type-of-mother saying “of course darling” (gritting teeth and mentally calculating how many chores I have yet to do in the house).

You see the problem with playdates is this: it’s bloody hard work for the parent. Unless your kid is 15+, you don’t just sit on your bottom, sip a cup of tea and read a book while you have your kids mates over, do you?

You need to have freshly baked scones (fat free, gluten free, nut free), ultra happy voice on and play-doh ready.

Throw in a toddler (like my pocket rocket Mr 2), and sh*t really hits the fan.

And then there’s the awkward parent exchange. Where I know she wants an hour free of children but is waiting for me to say “Ok, see you soon!”

In today’s day and age, we have too many things in our schedules. We do not need to schedule play dates. Kids should be somewhat “free” (after homework and eating dinner of course) to play.

We live in an apartment complex block, in which there are many buildings in the one cluster. So there are kids e v e r y w h e r e. My kids have been sat down and given new rules to stick too.

So these are my new Dubai Play Date Rules:

1. Do not drag me to any kids parent and ask me things in front of them (example: can he/she come over)My idea of play

2. Do not book a time and date with another kid without my consent.

3. Having someone’s apartment number does NOT mean you are his/her best friend.

4. You must know the kids first name, age and whether they have a nanny. Must.

5. Play means play. Not squabble, or go into the local grocery store and get the kids nanny to buy you a Push Pop (OhEmGee i remember how much i loved push pops).

6. Yes, kids can come over to play but there will be ZERO% interaction with an electronical

item (x-box and iPad).

All I’m saying is that playing needs to be simplified. Let’s remind our kids of that.


Till next time,

be happy



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  1. Amin

    I think you remember the rules applied on you by your parents and the modern world requires additional rules therefore you put good rules. They are missing the behaviour and cleaning one.

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