Hey there Zayn.

26 March 2015 0 Comments Category: My Blog

ONE DIRECTION as they used to be



Hey there Zayn,


It’s me Maysaa, from 365daysindubai.com. Yep, from that you’ve guessed where I currently reside and yep you guessed it – we have a mass of female teenagers waiting for you and band (ex) to grace their presence in 10 days time. I’ll tell you something, DUBAI HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT ONE DIRECTION FOR 5,000 DAYS AND JUST WHEN IT WAS ALL COMING TO AN END, YOU GO AND PULL THIS TRICK OUT OF THE HAT. Media has gone nuts that we don’t care about planes crashing or bombs even. We care about YOU Zayn. Your health and wellbeing is of upmost concern.


And that is why I’m sending you a letter because I care. As your sister in Islam, older sister can I add, it has become my duty to remind you about certain things that occurred when you were a baby. (Oh dear Lord I am old).


With your shock exit form 1D, I had to endure a truckload of 1D fans crying on radio stations. Some of the reasons for their crying was: “I’m sooooo depressed.” “How could Zayn do this?” and “This has been the worst day of my life.”


I held my steering wheel tight while listening to all of these crazy messages roll through. My disbelief in human reaction towards a boy band (yes sarcastic notation intended) was huge and my anger began to rise. WHILE PEOPLE WERE DYING IN YEMEN, our young folk were agonizing over the reduction in one directioner band members.




Then I remembered the time when Robbie left Take That. And Beyonce called it quits from Destiny’s Child and ofcourse when Justin just sort of went solo like it was the normal thing to do. Who can forget when you fellow compatriot Geri walked out on the colossal Spice Girl phenomena?


My point is, Zayn, you’ll be right (famous Aussie saying. Equal to the professional way of saying, Do Not Despair).


You will probably get a plethora of invitations to do stuff. Endorsements, advertisements and ofcourse the lucrative solo career.


You will get a truckload of money to tell ‘your story’ and even more for your ‘full story’. If you go onto solo stuff, you will definitely make a million or 2. Because, well lets just say, your kinda talented and loads of people like your kinda talented voice.


Look at Robbie and Beyonce and Justin. T H E Y   A R E    F I N E. Read: even better than while they were in their bands. [Unclear on Geri’s career these days…]


Side note: Not so sure about your relationship being fine. Just an FYI, don’t cuddle other woman ‘friend’ when a gazillion cameras are waiting for you unless its your sister. No even then, don’t. Am happy to give you halal relationship advice when you need.


Don’t worry about us Dubai folk, we tend to forget bad moments (just like the time … oh wait that’s right, nothing bad happens here).


Lots of halal love,

Your sister in Islam,




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