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I lost another friend today.

It happened quite quickly, but it normally happens like that. My friend and her family packed up their bags and headed back home on Sunday and I was crushed.

There is something so grieving about living in the most transitional country in the universe (not a true statistic but it feels that way). The news of her leaving also happened as quickly. The week before she left, this was our conversation

Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie

We are a short 16 or so days away from entering Australian shores and *hopefully* missing the bulk of the excruciating summer in Dubai.

Because I love making lists, I have decided to make a Bucket List for my Trip to Australia.

Please note [This list is in no order of importance. It is a list that I have plucked out of the top of my head.]

#1 I will stay away from anything sandy. That includes playgrounds too.

#2 I will open windows. Cars, homes – anything. Fresh air, hello!

#3 I will wear trackies 90% of the time. And even to the malls. With ugg boots.

#4 I will revert back to my Aussie wording such as Shopping centres for malls. Nappies for diapers. Tomato Sauce for ketchup. Wrapping paper for gift wrap et la.

#5 I will meet with friends at homes. No cafes are to be included.

#6 I will become more spiritually aware.

#7 I will go outside my comfort zone.

#8 I will see my folks everyday.

#9 I will have a BBQ, outdoors.

#10 I will use this time to concentrate on working out who truly cares.

#11 I will watch at least 5 “B grade” or foreign movies.

#12 I will devour HOME COOKED Lebanese dishes.

#13 I will take photos.all.the.time.

#15 I will do the wog thing and do “sobheyat”. I will do LOTS of them because I MISS so many people.

#16 I will watch my son experience a backyard for the 1st time in his life.

#17 I will buy Organic and eat fruit and veggies with TASTE.

#18 I will not fear tap water and I will enjoy the feeling of no sand and chlorine while showering.

#19 I will visit certain friends on a daily basis.

#20 I will visit the IMA site every single day.



I’ll stop at my favourite number. Woah, what a list!

Till next time,

be good :)



Today we went to a little 5 year old’s birthday party. Except it wasn’t the usual have some friends over, play pass the parcel, eat cake and go home sort of party. No this was *insert dramatic music* an Emirati birthday party.

The sky was the limit.

Firstly, getting to the place was incredible enough. I ventured inside the ‘non ex pat’ area and found myself gasping at each house, or should i say Castle.

For confidential purposes I did not take a picture of the actual house, but below you will find the type of house available in the area.

Personally I was doing back flips at the plethora of yummy, delicious sweets. But I cringed at the fact that my my daughter would be digesting enough sugar to possibly give her Diabetes type 2. Amongst many things, there was a ‘Candy Buffet’, where kids scoop lollies into small bags – at free will.

Upon entering the humongous entry foyer (the size of my entire apartment), I take in everything on offer for this little girls party. Imagine my amazement when I realise they have hired some ladies to give the girls manicures and pedicures. There were mini foot spas. And while getting the nails done, they got shoulder massages. Dear Lord, I.could.have.fainted. I needed that massage.

Outside in the blistering heat, there was a Cotton Candy machine and a magician, who was able to pluck doves out of thin air. There were ponies. There was candy. Actually, there was enough candy to make Willy Wonka feel poor.

Personally I was doing back flips at the plethora of yummy, delicious sweets. But I cringed at the fact that my 5 year old daughter would be digesting enough sugar to possibly give her Diabetes type 2. There was easily 20 children scooping lollies into small bags – at free will.

I notice the birthday girl has a shimmering silver chain bracelet on her slender tanned arm. Upon closer inspection, it turns out to be a Tiffany bracelet (ofcourse), given to her by her 9 year old sister. I cringed at the ‘My Little Pony’ gift we had brought with us.

The mother of the birthday girl was amazingly dressed in a shimmering, glitzy abaya. She walked around gently reminding everyone to try this, or try that. The hospitality was incredible and although there were heaps of nanny’s everywhere I looked, I still felt like she cared.

While my daughter was getting her hair blow waved (!!), I firmly made a decision not to get mad, or scoff at the scenario. Although this sort of party goes against everything I (and humanity) believe in, I decided to embrace birthday party’s – Dubai Style.

Or maybe it was because us mum’s also got a shoulder massage. Hmmm.