In mid Februray this year, I was due to have my 3rd child. Excitment and the feeling of nesting consumed my mind, nevertheless I had a feeling my husband was hiding something from me.

Subtlety is not his forte, so he would drop MASSIVE hints a couple of times a day. Things like, “so, how would you feel about moving overseas for a year?” and “you liked Dubai when we went for a visit several years back, didn’t you?”

Of course I completely ignored these tell tale signs that a proposal was on the horizon, because, naturally, my big fat belly occupied my every minute of the day.

And when the big belly disappeared, a little baby occupied me. So, all of the telephone conversations I could hear regarding relocating and contracts of work that lay around the house were ignored.

In very early May, it was confirmed. We were relocating to Dubai for my husband to complete his work duties. It was signed off on, done and dusted. I felt my world shake.

Saying my farewells was like trying to escape the inevitable. They say that not much is more difficult than moving away from friends and family.

When the taxi arrived to pick me up to the airport, I felt the emptiness and isolation consume me. As I locked my front gates to my home, I tried to take in every last moment and feeling around me. With each icy breathe I took in, a new memory formed inside my aching heart. The little cafe I went to most mornings, the kids favourite parks. Our family. Our friends.

Melbourne had been home for 25 years. That is a long time to have never ventured outside of your comfort zone.

As the plane took off, my heart grew heavy at the prospect of entering a whole new world, but my mind kicked into survival mode. Maybe I needed to separate from my loved ones to grow, learn and experience life on a different level. I almost scoffed at the logic behind that. It sounded painful!

And when the plane landed and I went through customs, I couldn’t believe the words I uttered when I was asked by a young looking Emirati Customs Officer:

“what is the reason for you coming to Dubai?”

Me: “we are becoming residents.”

And with that, he stamped all 5 Australian passports and our new life had officially begun.

Till next time, be good.

**interested in what happened next? Stay tuned!**


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  1. Baria Mourad

    Loved reading your blog Mays and believe me I feel for you. Look at this time in Dubai as a long adventure. Your home is Melbourne and it awaits your return. You will discover a lot about yourself being away from your loved ones especially your mum, thats not a bad thing.Inshallah you bring back home lovely memories to share with us.
    Till your next blog. Bye

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